Puppy Doge Whitepaper


It takes a village to raise a doge. Which is why you’re starting to see a village pop up on every corner because Doges have evolved from merely popular to quite profitable.
You might think this is just a passing trend, a fad. But then it’s worth remembering that upscale restaurants were once seen as such, a senseless frivolity reserved for only the upper crust. 

Why go out to eat when home cooking is cheaper and the meal experience a generation is accustomed to? This is still the mindset in many rural areas, but in the urban jungles of modern society, going out to eat is likely the highest non-essential expense of your average city dweller.

Meanwhile, casinos grossed $43.6B in 2019, tracking new record highs on an annual basis. Understand that what the average human being spends their money on, from World of Warcraft subscriptions to skydiving excursions, has little to do with essential value and more to do with experience.

As experiential creatures with an expanding array of digital options begging for our attention, we are naturally drawn to memes which are bite-sized evocations of both our deepest thoughts and simplest reactions.

Born in July of 2021, Puppy Doge is here to encapsulate the youth and potential of the Dogecoin market and bless holders of $PUPPY with reflections in BNB and offer an opportunity to create long-term passive income.

Through this experience of taking chances and potentially being paid off handsomely, Puppy Doge brings you the full Dogecoin experience from the beginning, with modern comforts in a $PUPPY fetching you your BNB dividends.

Our Mission

This is typically the part where we tell you what dog charity we’re supporting and how we’re going to build shelters and how much we love animals and that we’re breaking ground on a full hospital for pets.

We do love the doges. Of course.

But we’re not here to fool anyone into thinking that’s what Puppy Doge is about. We love these animals too much to exploit them like that, if you want taxes to donate to charity, you can always write a check yourself.

We’ll just focus on keeping supply reserved for marketing and reflection taxes aimed directly for your wallet. That way, what you did actually come here for -- to make money -- remains our primary focus.

To that end, whatever avenues are necessary to pursue, whether it be marketing, buybacks, utilities, the Puppy Doge team is carefully studying the ROI and making sure that every Dogecoin spent is done so with the express purpose of maximizing the price and volume of Puppy Doge.

And given our whopping 15% reflections doled out in BNB, volume should be the name of the game for all holders of Puppy Doge.


Puppy Doge was developed on Binance Smart Chain for several reasons. For starters, BSC is Proof-of-Stake, making it friendlier and easier to support in the long-run for larger marketing efforts. But importantly, with PoS, BSC also offers nearly instant transactions and the ability to make these trades with minimal fees.
It is for these two reasons that these types of coins propagated in such high volume so quickly in the early parts of 2021. While there are a number of technical features, reasons, and jargon we could elaborate at length about when it comes to the future of blockchain through Proof-of-Stake, it is, once again, not what you are here for.The point is, BSC makes Puppy Doge go fast and stay cheap. That’s why people love it like it’s the Golden Arches and why it has a similar potential to make profits.


Original Supply

1Q is the total supply. 2% goes to marketing, 2% to airdrop, 16% seed, 40% PancakeSwap, and 40% presale.


Code is time-tested and $PUPPY approved. Audits are underway.

Gain Passive Income

Every $PUPPY transaction will reflect 15% in BNB to holders, 5% to liquidity for long-term stability.

LP Locked

All initial LP has been locked away until this Puppy Doge reaches maturity!


Puppy Doge will feature a roadmap to be unlocked by its community. In order to perfectly track marketing efforts and development with Puppy Doge’s growth, we need to ensure we only give $PUPPY what it’s ready to handle.

As the holder count increases on the token, we will unlock the next phase of development and reveal exactly what is in store for holders of $PUPPY. Stay tuned!

Pupper (1 holder)

Website Launch
Presale Complete
Audit Submission
Community Contests
PancakeSwap Listing

Woofer (10,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked

Pooch (25,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked

Doggo (50,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked

Together, we can raise this doge

More important than presentation, tokenomics, and any influential marketing campaign is the culture of the community. It's up to you to decide this Puppy's habits and whether it's going to curl up around the house or be your loyal hunting hound. You decide!