Here Comes Puppy Doge

Tired of the old dogs? Puppy Doge is your new best friend.

Adopt a Puppy!

Puppy Doge is a community-driven token with 15% reflections in BNB. That's right, from the moment you own $PUPPY, this Doge is gonna be busy digging you up a fortune!


Original Supply

1Q is the total supply. 2% goes to marketing, 2% to airdrop, 16% seed, 40% PancakeSwap, and 40% presale.


Code is time-tested and $PUPPY approved. Audits are underway.

Gain Passive Income

Every $PUPPY transaction will reflect 15% in BNB to holders, 5% to liquidity for long-term stability.

LP Locked

All initial LP has been locked away until this Puppy Doge reaches maturity!

Growth Chart

Pupper (1 holder)

Website Launch
Presale Complete
Audit Submission
Community Contests
PancakeSwap Listing

Woofer (10,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked

Pooch (25,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked
To be Unlocked

Doggo (50,000 Holders)

To be Unlocked


Dramatic events require dramatic attention in cryptocurrency.

We've all been hit hard before by a flash crash or a wild swing, and, sometimes, could really use a fresh start.

With Puppy Doge having no owner, we're excited to give you a real chance to raise the new leader of the pack. Take Puppy Doge home today with its 15% reflections in BNB and watch it grow to truly be your best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

how do i buy Puppy Doge?

In order to get $PUPPY, we recommend downloading Metamask! You can find their desktop extension and set up a wallet through their website Once you have your wallet set up, you can use this handy guide to set up Binance Smart Chain on your wallet!

Next, you're going to need to set up a Trust Wallet. You can download their app here: Trust Wallet. Using Trust Wallet, make sure to buy some Smart Chain BNB.

Once you have that BNB with your Trust Wallet, go ahead and send that to your new Metamask address which you can get by copying directly from your browser extension.

Once you have BNB loaded in your Metamask, you're ready to trade to buy into the presale, or trade when it's publicly listed on PancakeSwap!

Links coming!

will the developers doxx?

Liquidity has also been burnt meaning there can be no rug-pull. In other words, no one owns or controls Puppy besides the people who buy it. There is no meaning in any developers doxxing, and there will always be new people invited to join the team.

As many popular projects are backed by anonymous teams, do not judge Puppy Doge based on his lack of a collar or nametag, but on the love and attention the $Puppy team returns to you, the community.

what is the official token ID?

is there any utility coming for Puppy Doge?

Simply put, no!

Puppy Doge was born into this world, fumbling around for purpose, but mostly just looking cute. Puppy doesn't need to be anything more than Puppy. With so many talented people out there with incredible ideas, Puppy is bound to dig up some fun toys.

But people love Puppies because they're cute. Nothing more. Nothing less.

so how will Puppy Doge fetch me my fortune?

Puppy Doge offers those who are still licking their wounds from other dog coins a new start. The success of these tokens are demonstrably here to stay, it's just a matter of which ones make it in the long run and, as we all know, there's always room for a $Puppy.

wen listing?

Rest-assured, every listing imaginable is being applied for. Check the roadmap to see where we're starting, but as the marketing wallet begins to collect funds, you will start to notice Puppy Doge following you around everywhere.

what makes Puppy Doge different?

While there are a million doges out there, none of them are quite as perfect as Puppy Doge. This is a thoroughbred that needs no house-training. Everything is and will be delivered as promised, and this pupper comes with tricks.

$Puppy is offering everyone the chance to be a part of what can be the biggest project in the space. With plenty of experience on-hand, the Puppy Doge team has the marketing know-how to take this doge for a walk.

Together, we can raise this doge

More important than presentation, tokenomics, and any influential marketing campaign is the culture of the community. It's up to you to decide this Puppy's habits and whether it's going to curl up around the house or be your loyal hunting hound. You decide!